Saturday, 9 July 2011

My I've been lazy....

This blog seems to have tumbleweed rolling through it. Didn't mean to have a ghost blog, but life, and lack of inspiration at times, got in the way. Yeah, and laziness. I hope to get back to updating regularly-ish now, but we'll see.

Update since the last blog: 2010 was reasonably successful in some respects - we certainly had plenty of gigs, playing 10 or 12 in various parts of Bristol. Probably we did too many for a new band - they were not all well-attended. So be it, you live and learn. And we did have a good time!

In 2011 so far, we've only played two dates, one of which was our first out of town gig. Currently we have two more in the book: A return to the Louisiana on August 25th, and our first gig at the Prom on October 8th. The Louie gig will be a prog special, headlined by prog band Also Eden. The Prom gig is dear to my heart, as it's the bar I hang out in more than any other. I've been on the stage there before, but mainly for open mic nights; playing a Saturday night slot there has been a dream left long unfulfilled!

We've also worked on recording more of the songs we have, with a view toward releasing an album independently in 2012. I was hoping this year, but life has again got in the way of that one. It will also have to wait on another item: Which is that earlier this year we decided to get a full-time singer. I've enjoyed singing these songs, especially as I wrote most of them, and my voice has improved markedly over the last couple of years, but we really need someone with a stronger voice. This will also have the bonus that I will be able to concentrate more on my guitar-playing in the live setting, and a frontman should give more focus to the group. It's been a long search, but I hope to be able to make an announcement on this in the next couple of weeks.


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