Sunday, 13 November 2011

And the new singer is.....


At least for the time being. Everyone wants to be in a band, or so I thought. But not, apparently, in this one. To be fair, some of the people I was interested in working with lived too far away for it to be practical, perhaps. But we had three singers in a row agree to come to audition who failed to turn up, despite expressing great interest in two cases - though at least those two managed to let us know they weren't coming. So I've given up looking for the moment, though if anyone offers we will certainly consider it.

Meanwhile, we had to put the band on hold for the autumn, as our bass player lost his mother in October. As she lived at the other end of the country, Jon had to be going back and forth for quite some time, and playing in bands was not exactly the most important thing on his mind.

In consequence, we had to cancel our October gig at the Prom and both our November gigs. The former has now been rearranged to Saturday February 11th. We started rehearsing again this week, and I'm now looking to book gigs in 2012. As for the album I was hoping to get recorded: Well, it's been difficult for all of us finding the time, though two tracks exist as rough mixes. Perhaps we'll get more done next year!