Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Numero Uno

Well, sort of. Yesterday we reached number 1 on the ReverbNation charts for rock in Bristol. You will note that is rather specific! ReverbNation is a global site, but they publish charts based on a combination of music genre and geographical coverage. Geographically, the choice is local, national (UK, in our case), and global. So though we've achieved number one position for Bristol rock, on the national rock chart our position is number 124, and on the global it's 1798. So a long way to go yet! Similarly, if you look at the all genres chart today, our position in Bristol drops to number 28. Worldwide, it's 9593. Still, there are something like 800 000 artists on the Reverb; we're above most of them!

Obviously, we'd like to do better - if we could achieve top 5 across all genres for Bristol, I think it should help in getting gigs. Likewise a good national position in rock.

The Reverb charts are constructed using a number called band equity, calculated nightly for the previous two weeks - anything older than that doesn't count. This number is constructed from a number of items - song plays and video plays, facebook likes, number of fans, widget hits etc. Reverb won't publish how these are calculated for fear of people gaming the system, though I've noticed some things seem to work better than others.

If you want to help us maintain our position, or better still improve it, just follow one of the links on this page and listen to some of the songs. You could press the Facebook like button on our Reverb page, or share the link with your Facebook friends. Or you could join our mailing list, either directly or by opening a fan page on ReverbNation. Or you could join either our Facebook Group or our Facebook page - they are both easily found. If you have a website of your own, you could grab the widget from the right of this page and install it there. Or you could add this "tunepak" to your email signature: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/2812902

It's a hard life, getting heard - any help will be appreciated!


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